Managing your team efficiently

November 7, 2020 / / News

We are announcing the new Team feature to help service pros work in a team to provide services to clients.

As your business grows, you may need to have a team of service pros to share the work load. You need an online tool to assign and manage the orders for each team member. Your clients need to be able to select a team member for a service based on the availability of the member. At the same time, you need to manage invoicing and payments so that your team members can focus on working with clients.

The Team feature makes it easy for you to assign services and orders to each team member. You can add as many team members as you like to meet the demands for your services from clients.

Typical Scenarios

As a team manager, you can add people to your team and assign them to the services you offer. Each team member can create their own work schedule so that clients can book their time slots directly. At the appointment time, the client will be served by the selected team member. Each team member can also use their own Zoom account to offer remote services (e.g. remote tutors, music teachers, or counsellors). For each appointment, both the team member and the client will receive reminders to avoid no shows.

You as the manager will still manage the invoices and payments for the work done by your team members.

While your team members will use your Homerun website to help clients, but only you can update the website content.

Benefits of the Team Feature

It is never easy to manage a team of people to work with clients. The Team feature delivers the following benefits to help you serve more clients while keeping your team members happy.

  • Efficient resource allocation

By assigning each team member to the services they are most qualified for, you can make sure that each team member can focus on what they do best in order to provide great services to clients.

  • Easy scheduling of services

By letting each team member create their own work schedule, this feature ensures that each member will only receive service orders when they are available to work without schedule conflicts.

  • Flexible booking options for clients

When ordering a service, clients can select a team member based on own preference and the members’ availability. Therefore, clients can have the confidence that they will work with the selected team member at the time when the member is available.

  • Real-time monitoring of activities

Since you can view the availability and orders for each team member, you can assign new orders to the team members based on their workload and availability.

  • Keeping control of invoicing and payments

This feature will let you manage the invoices and payments of all the service orders for your team members. This will help your team members spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on working with clients.

If you have one or more people working for you, you will need a tool to help you manage your services and orders. Give our Team feature a try today to become more productive, save time while keeping your clients happy.