How to Get Started as an Online Tutor

July 24, 2020 / / Tips

Are you ready to build yourself up as a professional tutor in the new online economy? Just follow these 4 simple steps to jump start your tutoring business and bring knowledge and power directly to your students.

Step 1. Sign Up

We ask only the most pertinent information so you can quickly build your tutoring site, and begin sharing your knowledge with your students. You fill out your education, experience, subjects you teach, your availability, and we host your new site. You are ready to share your skills with the world.

In order to conduct tutoring sessions through Zoom, you will be guided to link your Zoom account after signing up. If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can open one here for free.

Step 2. Customize your Tutoring Website

You can easily add your own custom logo and banner to your site, and a bio in the Our Story section. Here you can customize your URL with a friendly name that’s easy to remember. The page editor will guide you through the customization process to make your tutoring page look professional and attractive to prospective students. The better your site looks and feels, the more clients you recruit, and the more students you can teach.

The most important part of customizing your page is adding detailed information about the subjects you tutor in, such as math, writing, coding, music, etc. You can specify the duration of a tutoring session for each subject, and include your fee, or how much you charge. It is up to you to decide how much to charge for different-length sessions, and you will not pay commissions out of your fees. By providing detailed descriptions and photos of each subject, you inspire your students to order your lessons and begin learning.

Adding information like client testimonials , FAQ, and links to your social media will help build trust in your students and increase your client base.

As you customize your new tutoring site, you can also build your own tutoring schedule. We understand that most people have to juggle between work and family, so we enable you to block some time between your appointments to enjoy life. You can set the minimum time for each session via the Schedule page on your dashboard. In the dashboard you can also sync your Google calendar to your account, allowing your students to see when you are available, and when you are booked. You won’t have to worry about double-booking, because after a client books a lesson, the time of the lesson will automatically save to your Google calendar and show you as busy.

To stay in the loop, set up SMS notifications for new appointments, requests to reschedule, or canceled sessions. You will also get automatic reminders before upcoming meetings.

Step 3. Spread the word!

In your Dashboard you’ll also find Google Analytics — by activating this vital marketing tool, you can see real-time traffic to your site, and get a usage report. To increase traffic to your site you can promote your services on Facebook. Go to the Campaigns page on your dashboard to create a campaign, and our experts will help you set up Facebook ads for as little as $2 a day. If you’d like more in-depth advice and personalized help, for only $10 more our experts will work with you to drive even more traffic to your site.

Offer discounts to interested and potential students for effective recruiting and client satisfaction. To create a coupon code you can share directly with students or in Facebook ads, go to the Coupon Code page in your dashboard.

Step 4. Get Paid

Take home 100% of the pay! We do not take any fees or commissions until you received 3 orders, after that it is only $10 a month for you to maximize on your website’s features and offers.

HomeRun enables you to easily bill students by sending invoices as payment reminders. Clients have options on how to pay, including credit/debit cards, Paypal, and Venmo. In order to receive payments, you’ll need to have a business account with Paypal or Stripe. If you don’t have a business account, you can open one quickly on Paypal or Stripe for free.

Payments received into your Paypal or Stripe account can then be withdrawn to your bank account. Keep in mind that while Homerun doesn’t charge any fees for payments, Paypal or Stripe may charge a small processing fee for transactions. Please check their website for more details.

Need more help? Reach out to the website’s Support page anytime you have questions. We offer free customer support to all our tutors and other service providers.

Are you ready for the challenges of the #newnormal? Focus on your online teaching craft and let Homerun help run your online tutoring business smoothly and more efficiently. We can’t wait to cheer you on!