Online Tutoring: From Gigs to Your Own Business

July 28, 2020 / / Tips

In the new remote economy, more and more service professionals like yourself are offering products and services online, instead of in person. Thanks to technology, traditional face-to-face tutoring can continue to thrive through online video format, where service professionals (tutors) and clients (students) can safely interact and communicate with each other.

In these trying times, we can find a way past online clutter and noise to continue delivering quality to all those who need and rely on us. Grab this opportunity while you still have time, and take this rare chance to finally become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be. Be quick while you still can, and act now to build an online business worth your time, energy, and efforts. You deserve to make a name for yourself — your clients (students) need you in what is now the #newnormal.

Now’s the time to hone your craft!

You know that tutoring is not as easy as it sounds. Now that we live in an online world to ensure our physical safety and the safety of our clients (students), we have no choice but to adapt. Those who can wield the technologies available to them will win: you need to offer online learning resources, accessible materials, be active in your Total Physical Response (TPR) gestures, and design powerful presentations, videos, and even puppets to engage those on the other side of the screen. Traditional textbooks will no longer suffice in a world where information is freely available to all at fraction of a second — now it’s all about your personal touch, and what your humanity will bring to the table.

You are unique, and you offer a unique and real perspective to your students (clients). They want to learn directly from you, to hear your voice and to see your friendly, encouraging smile on the other side of the screen. You inspire them, building their confidence so that they can learn something new, easier than before. They are no longer afraid, thanks to you. Why should you worry about menial administrative tasks, such as scheduling or billing, when you are building strength in your students/clients, gifting them power through knowledge? All you need to worry about is being the best version of yourself you can be, and let Homerun take care of the rest.

Homerun builds your brand and web presence FAST, so that you can focus on your image and raise your reputation online.

Get ahead of the game by using Homerun, and get a leg up on competition by proudly sharing your own personal e-calling card with friends, tutees, and prospective clients (students). Your friends, clients, parents of students, and all those who are interested can quickly and easily schedule a session with you, learn more about your services, and be impressed by your professional web presence. Use us for direct referrals, leads from your social media pages, and online searches.

Here at Homerun we give you freedom from worry, so you can automatically and seamlessly manage your (tutoring) business online. Everything you need is in one platform, including your own customizable website and URL. Bring yourself, boost your online presence and build strong relationships with your clientele, all on your own terms.

In contract, other (tutoring) marketplaces do not allow you this personal touch, and you cannot build your own brand. You have no ownership of your work, giving up control – you do not own your profile, cannot customize your online presence, and lose clients (students) to their strict terms and conditions. While you use multiple channels to find your clients, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket — relying on marketplace sites can wash out your personal presence, all while dictating your leads and charging outrageous fees.

With Homerun, you build long-term relationships with your clients instead, because they feel at home with you on your site. Your students will feel comfortable in the space you crafted just for them, instead of feeling like an out-of-place tourist at a bus stop.

Marketplaces can often feel like that, cold and unsympathetic to real human needs. They charge you up to 30% commissions from your earnings, in addition to the up to 20% fees they take from your clients for “trust” and “security.” With us, you can build real trust with your clients by putting your relationship first, and all the administrative work second. Let us help build your site and web presence, and take care of scheduling, billing, and fees, so that you can focus on the human needs that matter most. Take control of your life, take care of your relationships, and Homerun will take care of you.

No more underpaid gigs — it’s time to take your ad-hoc tutoring sessions to the next level! Your own online professional tutoring (service) center is just a click away on Experience being your own boss, starting today!

Appendix 1. Homerun vs Marketplaces